The village of Llanes

Lose yourself in the streets of Llanes

North spain guide, The village of Llanes

In the urban centre one can find the Sablón Beach, a little creek, clean and safe. On this little beach there is long road to walk whilst admiring the seaside views. Also important in this village, is … [Leer más...]

The Bufones of Asturias

The most striking Cantabrian

North spain guide, The Bufones of Asturias

These bufones, jumps of water, are something different from the usual sights of the sea and the coast. In the case of "bufones", the sea water takes advantage of these natural chimneys made of … [Leer más...]

The Memory Cubes

Cube by cube in the port of Llanes

North spain guide, The Memory Cubes

Placed by the sea, the cubes take life where the sea is beating, surrounded by a small port in the middle of one of the most beautiful villages of this area, Llanes. The breakwater of the port has … [Leer más...]

The idol of Peña Tú

Searching for the Bronze Age

North spain guide, The idol of Peña Tú

The central engraving on this amazing limestone is the abstract image of an individual: the supposed idol, with more than one metre of height and geometric stroke. Of its anatomy, conscientiously … [Leer más...]